28 January 2016

What's the progress in PVS2?

Got some requests asking for news, so here they are:

I moved a bit from the path I was working on and decided to make my first WPF interface, better looking, more modern and I get the chance to learn something new.

So now we have a WPF interface built in C# around a C++ DLL.
I used this chance to create my own WPF borderless windows (FlyPT Window) looking for a design more to my liking and hopefully more professional.

I have also created a new library for video capture (FlyPT Video Capture), based Microsoft on Media Foundation, with the intention to better understand the system and solve some problems with the libraries I was using.
I'm now prepared to capture from cameras/boards with more than one stream, since I can select the stream for capture.
I can also control all the camera parameters without errors (one of the problems I had).

I'm right now dedicating more time to calibration, trying to achieve a better, faster and more reliable result.
To test my new calibration system I made a small test rig.
It's a cardboard box with multiple chequerboards, all of them with different sizes so they can be distinguished.
The idea behind this method, is to calibrate the cameras with one shot:

To test the calibration I also built a new camera rig:

Now with 3 possible ranges. One way to enhance camera dislocation calculation and better range on reconstruction:

Beside all this I'm working on the depth maps, testing some Cuda accelerated solutions.

That's it for now..