Here it is!

This is the first version and I hope to enhance and correct the errors on the near future (yes there are many!).
I'm releasing now because I don't have much free time for this so it goes with errors.
Please be patient. It's really amateur.
Don't get expectations to high. Just count on this:

- It's a leisure project.
- There are many variables that can influence the results
- Light is really important because textures are important, so if you have to much light you wont have textures.
- Low light is dark shadows. So no textures on those areas.
- Help document included in the program as a PDF (copy of the site).
- Calibration makes all the difference!
- Test the included example! It's a good calibration, just look at the depth map. Lighting seems to be the ideal.
- So many things I'm not writing that I should... Just go try and give feedback.


 PVS Version 0.1 from 27-03-2014 (359 MB) 

Files where tested for virus. Please report any problem detected.
Those are safe download locations:

From Google Drive (limited number of downloads)  DOWNLOAD
From 03-04-2014 - Corrected for bugs #1 to #8

From MediaFire (publicity and slower)  DOWNLOAD
From 31-03-2014 - Corrected for bugs #1, #2, #3 and #4

Don't forget to install the Xvid codec (direct link)!
The above files don't have the #5 to #8 bugs corrected. To correct them, please download PVS.exe bellow.

Change history:
-This is the first version!

#1: Colours.exe requests old dll file.

#2: Localization error! Problems on Japanese, Greek and other systems.

#3: Changes on the Colours module (step 2) are not saved and the swap command on this module hangs the program.

#4: Still some problems with localization (decimal separator).

#5: Scale factor in reconstruction not working.

#6: Calibration not saved.

#7: Save project as... not saving project.

#8: Not detecting project changes to avoid exit without saving.

#9: Crash while saving settings on module 2.

Download updated  Colours.exe  and  PVS.exe   to correct the above errors and replace them in the PVS folder.

Know problems:
#1: Connecting USB 2.0 cameras to USB 3.0.
I have some problems with this on multiple devices, not only cameras.
I think that's a problem on the driver side. I will search for a solution.

#2: Doesn't work in Windows Vista.

#3: Hercules HD Sunset cameras only work at 640x480 resolution.