Video codecs

Project Video Scanner uses the Xvid or the Huffyuv codec for video encoding.
So if you want to use the capture module you need to install one of them.
You can use other codecs but you need to install them and use the corresponding FOURCC code.
If you want to test the program using the sample project, you need to install Xvid, since the captured video was made using this encoder, so you need the decoder.
The differences between them:

Xvid generates compressed MPEG4 video with good quality and reduced file sizes, but you will always have some artefacts due to the compression.

Xvid = Compression = Small files = Some artefacts due to compression

Huffyuv is a lossless video codec. The compression is really limited but image quality is preserved and you will not have compression artefacts.

Huffyuv = Lossless = Big files = No artefacts

So witch one to use? Install both, test and decide for yourself.
I have hard drive space so I usually use Huffyuv, specially for the calibration video and small video captures.

Installing Xvid:
Get the codec at
(In the menu tab, select  Xvid video -> Downloads to get the download page for the last version)

Run the installer and that's all.

Installing Huffyuv:
Get the codec at
Direct link to file (please visit the site).
To install, follow the next steps:

1 - Decompress the file to the root of the C drive:.

2 - In Windows Vista, 7 and maybe 8, follow the next steps.
For older OS, just right click the huffyuv.inf file, select install and you are done.

3 - Open a command line window with Administrative privileges.
(Start->Accessories->Right Click Comand line->Execute as administrator)

4 - If you have a standard windows installation, navigate to the folder c:\windows\syswow64

5 - Now type the following command:
rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 0 c:\huffyuv.inf
Use exactly the same spaces and you are done.