20 July 2015

New demo video

It's now available a new video filmed in Castro Verde (Portugal).
There's no cuts.
The idea is to get a direct experience of the problems we might have with the reconstructions.

Download the video in two sections at:
   Castro Verde 1  (1.9 GB)
   Castro Verde 2  (1.26 GB)

In PVS, on the reconstruction tab, select that video for reconstruction.
Play with the settings.
The video was captured at various speeds, mainly at 30 km/h, but with 0 and 50 km/h moments.


PS: Wait for news! PVS 2.0 on the works!


  1. Boa tarde, como é que o posso contactar? Estou muito interessado nesta solução para recriar alguns troços de rali!

  2. Olá, podemos falar por email: pedroantunes@cca.web.pt